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Welcome to my site and thank you for visiting! is a Kink Community offering Personals, Live Video Chat, *Chat with Tempest*The Dungeon Kink Store and Content Portal dedicated to all Masters and Slaves whether new to the BDSM world or experienced, we have something for you! 

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tempest. and I started this website because after recently experiencing a bondage relationship I found myself fascinated and yearning to learn and experience more. Well, as a web developer for 16+ years I decided to share the results of my quest for knowledge…and the was born! is a massive portal Bondage or BDSM intriguing content and resources including, but not limited to articles, Photo Gallery, Video Gallery featuring a huge collection of videos from all over the Web as well as Tempest’s private Video Gallery,  Chat with TempestLiveVideo Chat, our Blog, BlogTied and much more!

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So I can get to know you…and you can get to know me as well…

Now I bet you are wondering what that experience was?

A couple years ago I met a guy 18-years younger than me. Though I tried to ignore what was obviously an intense attraction because of the age difference. Well, something clicked and we hooked up. He was totally into bondage and so cute about how he introduced me to it. I found I LOVED it. I learned I am submissive…though I am not very good at listening LOL. 

So we ended up moving in together…

Yes, we ended up in an actual relationship. And we became deeper and deeper into our bondage, more toys, new ideas. Loving it! I had some of the best sex ever. My favorite part was being tied up, helpless, and blindfolded and not having any clue what was being done when. As I mentioned, I am not good at listening, but I loved the punishment.  I liked how it carried outside of the bedroom as well. Loved being dominated. Was fascinated by the whole thing. He said there were levels? Contracts? I was living a much hotter version of 50 Shades of Gray! Time went on, we broke up. The end.

BUT…not for me!

So here I am learning more and hopefully educating others like me and bringing us together here at the BondagePlayhouse!

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